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SPAJ 140 C

Synchronics Provides Expert Electronic Repairs For ABB,SPAJ 140C

At Synchronics we have the experience in repairing ABB,SPAJ 140C in a timely and cost effective manner.

We provide free Quote for ABB,SPAJ 140C sent to us for repair at our works.

SPAM 150 C
Motor protection relay

Uaux Auxiliary voltage
A, B, C, D, E, F Output relays
IRF Self-supervision
SGB Switchgroup for the configuration of the blocking or control signal
TRIP Trip output relay, output 65-66
SIGNAL Signal on tripping
PRIOR ALARM Prewarning for a beginning overload condition
START Start information from the motor
RESTART ENABLE Starting of motor inhibited in fault conditions
U1 Motor protection module SPCJ 4D34
U2 Power supply and output relay module SPTU 240 R2 or SPTU 48 R2
with a normally open trip contact, SPTU 240 R3 or SPTU 48 R3 with
a normally closed trip contact
U3 Input module SPTE 4E3
SPA-ZC— Bus connection module
SERIAL PORT Serial communication port
Rx, Tx Receiver bus terminal (Rx) and the transmitter bus terminal (Tx) of
the bus connection module
STALL External stall control input
RESTART INHIBIT External restart inhibit control signal
LATCHING Latching function of the trip relay


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